The ride of my life

Jet skiing has to be the most amusing water sport there is. This week, Golden Girl picked Sun and Fun Malta which also do other water sport activities, who are situated in St George’s bay (St Julian’s) at the Corinthia beach resort.

Lucy Lowther“I got an adrenaline rush as soon as I boarded the jet. I couldn’t wait to get going. After a slow cruise out of the harbour, all you want to do is turn the power on! Once you hit the waves and pull the accelerator you feel so free. You are literally out at sea with nothing out there stopping you. Riding the waves is such a rush, even though you get so much salty wave spray in your face you almost become blind.

The view you get of the coastline is amazing, you get to see it the other way round, rather than looking out at sea from a beach.

I tried racing with some cruise boats but there were too many waves and I couldn’t see where I was going anymore because of splashes so I slowed and the boats overtook me each time. I also rode in a big circle tightening it every round to make a spiral shape in the water. I hope someone saw my creation from the sky because I reckon it was art.

I had a passenger on the jet, but I think the best is to have your own, that way you aren’t preoccupied about your partner falling off the back after hitting too big a wave!

Time flies by so quickly and before you know it it’s time to head back in. It’s tempting to accelerate once in the harbour as the water is calmer than out at sea. Rules and regulations…

The funniest moment had to be while puling back into the parking spot when a team member asked if we had fallen in we were so soaked… Shows how much fun we had!”

To book the ride of your life, call 2137 3822


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