The right wrong moment

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There’s a moment where you become unhinged. You feel you’ve lost yourself. You feel like breaking down. You’ve lost your place in the world. Your identity has shattered and now crumbles at your feet. And nothing matters anymore.

And you don’t know it yet, but it’s the best thing that’s happened so far in your life.

Granted, there are so many times we choose to suffer without knowing this a choice that we can make. We think suffering is something we need to do. So we break down. We become unhinged. We lose ourselves. Our place in the world. And a part of us dies. And it’s the best thing that’s happened to us.

What you believe is the worst part of your life, when you feel crushed under the sheer weight of all that you feel, when the pressure feels like it’s stifling your soul…that is the right wrong moment in your life. Your ego drops to the floor. Nothing matters anymore. And that’s the truth.

That’s our blessing. Nothing is personal. Our carefully built identities want to stick to their comfort zone. We defend an identity, when we are so much more than our sum of experiences, beliefs, memories and dreams. We are limitless. And we are beyond beautiful, as we become unhinged, as we undress those egos we keep carrying around…a glimpse of truth shines through. In that moment of suffering, in that right wrong moment, enough heartache will chip at your soul to let light in.

It’s our egos that suffer. Whenever I feel charged and low, I look at myself first. I don’t believe in blaming others for how I feel, as that is solely my choice. I don’t believe in blaming myself either. I’m the only one that can solve anything in my world, I’m not going to render myself helpless.

I don’t believe in regret or guilt. I believe in positive action

.I believe in people, without expecting the outside world to react a certain way to my actions. I believe that being myself is enough.

There’s so much beauty we don’t see in each other. So many facets we’re too busy to listen to. So many filters thrown out by our minds, so many guards meant to protect us from a deaf suffering we seem to drag from one moment to another in our lives.

That moment of pure grief. That moment that forces you to lay down your hurt because the truth suddenly resonates with you: it doesn’t make sense to hurt. It doesn’t make sense to try to control the world. Expectations have no value. Words are mere pointers. Inner fears grow into egos. And the right wrong moment comes to us to remind us that we are safe. There’s no reason to hurt, and there’s no one to blame.

There’s just a lot of beauty. Love. Trust. A constant peace undressing every fear that comes our way. And in that wrong moment, your hurt flashes before your eyes, and you are a spectator of your own movie. Only now, now it makes sense. That’s the right kind of wrong we are all blessed with..


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