The Team in Trust

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We forget that what we know is infinitely ignorant in the face of the vast reality out there. We think we understand the whole story, when we only grasp threads of it, at best.

Random kindness. Laying down your ego. Presence. Awareness. Expectationless relationships. Affection. Teamwork. Trust. I advocate them all with my entire being.

I see how we get lost along the way, and I see what a difference it makes in any part of our lives to work as a team or to go as an individual. From your professional environment to your personal space, acting as a team, in the simplest of circumstances, can make a huge positive difference in the result you get.

We often lose patience with the world. We get cranky, we get tired by expectations of ourselves and the world. We snap. We don’t have time. We’re so important and we don’t understand why others don’t see how precious we are.

We get to a place where waking up in the morning is not fun anymore. Where our first expectation in the morning is that something will go wrong. Because of someone. We get to that place where all people become a homogenous mass, like cattle, we don’t distinguish who they are anymore. We get to a point where there is a satisfaction in being right about something going wrong. And then, that is not enough anymore. And we are just broken.

Truth is, that is what happens when you separate yourself. When you stop acting like a team. When you want to be special. For me, the team concept means taking every action from a place of trust, where I may acknowledge that not everything goes according to my plans, but that nothing is actually personal. Trust that nobody is there to hurt, diminish or take away from me. Trust that others act out of faith, kindness and good intent, and even when they don’t, that remains their choice to bear, and mine to accept and let go.

In a relationship of any kind, the more we welcome someone in our lives, the higher the risk that we will place unfair expectations on them. Especially if we have our own unresolved issues, or if we are not aware of how insecure we are in certain parts of our lives.

Acting as a team is not loss of individuality. All a team represents is trust within a group. Being able to work towards a common goal with confidence, on a base of support rather than competitivity.

We have all seen romantic relationships where two people compete to dominate each other. We have all seen professional relationships where projects are delayed or finalised poorly due to everyone trying to show their unique strong points instead of merging them together within the group.

It applies everywhere. In the simplest of situations. You will see that people will respond when you act out of good faith, they will reach out.

I have some amazing examples of fantastic teamwork in my peers. Thankfully, I’m lucky to see it both in my personal and in my professional life.

I see being able to act out your life from a place of trust with the world translating into feeling free to be yourself. Right or wrong is no longer an issue. Finding a solution, reaching middle ground seems so much more important. Understanding takes priority over winning the argument.

Empathy instead of being better than anyone. Comparisons are just a way to measure your growth over time, not how special you might seem.

Trust brings genuine affection in all your relationships. And no, acting from a place of trust does not equate weakness. The opposite. When necessary, you will feel comfortable to speak out. You will find it easy to take action. And all will be alright with the world.

At the end of the day, it’s not the world that’s wrong, the place from where we look at it might be. Choice is always in our hands.

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