The things we do not understand

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In the midst of any story, you can’t see the bigger picture.

We spend so much time trying to figure things out, when all along, all we need do, is accept them. There’s nothing to plan, do, change or figure out. There’s nothing wrong. There is just now. A now that’s amazing if we open our eyes.

We get lost, oh so lost. Lost in plans of tomorrow, lost in memories of yesterday. Blindly sliding through our present, we think we’ll have time to figure out this moment in our future, when it had already become our past. We have a backlog on our present.

We let egos get in the way. We let them build identities and desires, we let them tell us what’s here is not enough. We let our egos drive us into fear, for the sake of being safe. So silly. The truth is, the only threat is to our egos.

We have the power to create whatever we wish within our lives. But we don’t need anything. We are complete. We are already there. We already are. The only difference is, some of us are able to see it, and some of us are still keeping our eyes closed expecting to dream.

We think we need to effort somewhere. We think we need to push. The reality is, we need to let go. We need to flow. We need to be here, right now, where there is no wrong or right, no future or past, just the ever flowing present.

We are reluctant to accept. Reluctant to let go. Eager to prove something to the outside world. But the world goes on without us and our proof of worth. The world is not the problem, our vision of it is.

People are not bad, circumstances may be. Situations are not dramatic, feelings may make them seem that way. Reactions feeding off each other, things we create inside ourselves then carry with us to show to the entire world who we think we are. We are not a sum of thoughts or a petty handful of feelings. We are beyond incredible. We are. Now. And there’s nothing more that needs to be done, nothing that needs to be changed, nothing lacking, nothing to prove.

‘Release and allow yourself to see the perfection where the seeming imperfection seems to be.’ Lester Levenson


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