The Toy that keeps on giving!

The toy that keeps on giving!

I was looking for a toy kitchen for Conor and kept coming across different variations online, we decided to opt for the ikea play kitchen and accessories  because of its versatility and simple but modern design, and also the fact that you can change it up by simply painting or adding features for when your child outgrows it and you want to make it interesting again or maybe to younger siblings or relatives and friends.

It’s the kind of toy I think should be in all kids arsenals as it has endless uses and keeps them busy for long periods of time on top of being practical and educational #lifeskills!

It’s also a great toy to have if others would like to gift your child something around birthdays and occasions because you can add literally anything to it, wether it’s some plate sets or pots to tea towels and play kettles and toasters! I like to keep old spice containers and cereal boxes too so when he gets bored I’ll add a new item and his interest is up again!

There are many play kitchens available and some are what you’d like to have yourself! We chose the ikea one because it was simple and not plastic. Don’t get me wrong Conor has many a plastic toy but he seems to break them all so we’ve been trying to keep his bits and bobs sturdier lately because we literally have bits of brick a brac all over the place from the numerous toys he has lovingly destroyed.

Another reason I love our kitchen is that it draws the kids attention so it is great to have there for play dates and you can build activities around it and encourage them to “cook” you dinner or set the table or have them on “wash up” duty… get them practicing for later!

I also have a hack which my cousin shared with me and that is the amazing storage solution it is!

I don’t know about you but I HATE cleaning up toys at the end of the day and most of the time just fling everything in the toy box out of sight… well the kitchen has lots of storage compartments too so it’s and extra hide away from the days clutter!

It’s definitely one of the most used toys in our home and I highly recommend.


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