Tired of not sleeping ? Try ASMR, the brain’s lullaby

A phenomenon is making more and more noise on the web but always in a quiet voice : ASMR !

First there was meditation and yoga. But that was before. The new trend is at ASMR, also known as “Autonomous sensory meridian response”, a relaxation technique based on sounds that are supposed to cause pleasant tingling and soothing chills. 

There are millions of Youtube channels specialized in this field, some of which are followed by huge communities. In their videos, ASMRtists (yes they’re called artists) introduce different triggers ranging from tapping, to inaudible sound, or (my favorite one) hand rubbing.

But we can also provoke ASMR through the visual, like a kind of hypnosis, for example some hand gestures are relaxing.

While browsing online, you can also find yourself in roleplays : at the doctor’s, the hairdresser’s or the beautician’s ! There is something for everyone.

Some statistics show that more and more people are having difficulties falling asleep or that stress is an ever-present part of their lives. 80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress. And 42% say their co-workers need such help. Besides, excessive fatigue during the day and taking too long to fall asleep are the most common reported issues.

When life goes so fast, ASMR will bring you a little moment of slowness and tranquility.


Some really great and tingly ASMRtists and their Youtube Channels :

KARUNA SATORI, her mouth sounds are the best


Heather Feather, excellent in ear to ear whispering


ASMR Glow, a singer, her voice is as soft as a lullaby


ITSBLITZZZ, specialized in relaxing head massages and hair brushing


ASMRMagic, some long videos (two or three hours) to make you sleepy


And if you want to try hand rubbing sounds, which are really relaxing and tingly, ObviouslyASMR is always making some great videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tr5C0HruCc).

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