Toddler time savers!

Toddler time savers

I will never claim to know it all when it comes to toddlers and I don’t think I anyone does… but we can share our tips!

Anytime my friends or I find something that has made our lives a little easier that day or week, we always share it with each other!

So here’s my little time savers lately that have gotten me through some very tiring tantrum or busy days.

Night before prepping

I found it hard to get in to this habit, but, getting an outfit and bag ready the night before you are due to be somewhere is the ULTIMATE time saver and stress preventer! Even for our own clothes!

Dressing my toddler in the morning is mentally and physically draining so having to take the question out of what he’s going to wear really helps.

… at the moment I’m prepping two options because, well, potty training!

Wardrobe system

I have a very basic wardrobe in my sons room and it could easily just look like one big mountain of clothes so I decided to organise the open space with cute baskets from tal lira so that I could categorise. One has socks and underwear, the other pjs, then joggers and jeans and so on. Now I can pull an outfit with my eyes closed (when I keep it sorted)

I can’t promise your other half will catch on though!

Quick meal options

Toddlers are probably the fussiest eaters and I send my love to you if you’re going through this stage.

Lately I’ve found my son liking the fresh egg pasta found in supermarket fridges… bonus, it takes 4 minutes to cook and I throw in some cheese, butter and cream for a tasty meal in a pinch.

I also like having, noodles, frozen veg,  some frozen left overs and snack plates (hummus, crackers, cheese, raisins) he can pick at on hand for days when all he wants is bread and butter (which are most days right now)

Keep a bag of spares in the car… I don’t have this but I’m going to fill a little bag with an extra pacifier, toy, carton of juice, a few snacks and a change of clothes… I like this idea for winter (snacks won’t spoil) and it’s handy in case you need to dash somewhere or have a potty accident)


Always have a pair of easy to pull on shoes for rushed days. Enough said.

The Vileda pro mist max

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this one in a previous post, but if I have it’s defo worth another shout out and I’ve had two of my friends Jump on the wagon this week too!

It’s a double sided spray mop that is fantastic at cleaning in between your “big floor wash”

It take seconds to use and takes the effort of filling a bucket and the rest!

You can wash the cloth attachment in the machine too!

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