Vintage Style Icon Series! 5 Grease-Inspired Looks For Spring

Watching Grease for the first time is a landmark moment and right of passage in any tween’s life. I remember my first viewing of the iconic movie clearly. That slumber party screening, equipped with hot buttered popcorn would go on to be the first of many many more. It’s safe to say that Grease is a true classic, and its age-old adolescent story is timeless, whether it be told in the 1950s or the 2020s!

The film, which my younger sister and I can probably quote entirely off by heart, was actually released in 1978, based on a musical theatre production. Translated into a film, it was an instant success, and became the highest grossing musical ever at the time.

Apart from the catchy, sun-drenched soundtrack of summer nights, souped-up cars and hopeless devotion, the clothes are what made the biggest impact on my pre-teen mind. The poodle-appliqued circle skirts, pastel pedal-pushers and of course, the iconic Pink Ladies’ matching jackets were probably my very first real introduction to vintage clothing. And as they say, the rest is history.

Since the weather’s about to pick up, for this month’s Indulge Vintage Style Icon Series we’re swooning over Grease’s wardrobe department. Here are a five easy ways to get the look that, used sparingly, would look just as fresh today.

Pretty Collars

Statement collars are everywhere this season. In fact, you might be quite hard-pressed to find a dress or blouse online without a Peter Pan collar or puff sleeve! This is good news if you’re going for the Grease vibe this season, as both get a whole lotta screentime.

Mellow Yellow

Pastels reign supreme in the feel-good movie. Whilst the T-Birds are hardly seen out without being decked-out in black leather, the girls in the cast are drenched in ice-cream tones fit for a milkshake parlour. Light, sugary lemon is a favourite. Just look at Cha-Cha DiGregorio!

Sweetheart Necklines

A sweetheart neckline is equal parts pretty and flirty. The flattering cut accentuates the bust and décolletage, as demonstrated by Marty, who probably deserved an article of her own. Look out for halter styles and button-down dresses like Jan’s perfect pistachio number.

Polka Dot Rock

You couldn’t possibly write about getting the Grease look without a nod to a sprinkling of polka dots. A fun, quintessentially Fifties print, Grease shows us that polka dots can be just as suitable for daytime frocks and cocktail dresses, as demonstrated by a ravishing Rizzo in red.

The Red Shirt

Who knew a red shirt could be so effective? Red is always racy, but paired with crisp white cotton, our Sandy shows it can be balanced out to the perfect degree of preppy. Riz pairs her red shirt – embroidered with her name no less – with bright pink shorts. We Stan.

Who would you like to see featured next on our Indulge Vintage Style Icon series? Let us know in the comments on Facebook! Xx

Nicole Parnis

Nicole is a culture writer and lifestyle journalist with a passion for fashion, food, music and anything retro. She indulges by thrifting her Sundays away at flea markets, followed by a cappuccino or two in a pretty village square.

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