Wedding Tips – Skin Care

Wedding Tips – skin care
So you have decided on the perfect dress, shoes, and all the accessories. By now it may seem as though you have everything in order for your big day and everything is falling in to place, but don’t forget to bring one of the most important accessories to the big anticipated event – Fresh, Radiant Skin
Bear in mind that your face is going to be snapped all day, so even though your makeup will promise a beautiful complexion, if your skin is in tip top condition, this will shine through and make your makeup look better. Even if you have a very good regimental skin care routine, there’s always a few things you can do to add a little extra care when coming up to a big event such as your wedding.
Here are a few tips and precautions pre wedding:

• Hydrate – It’s obvious when skin is well hydrated, you will even have a more relaxed expression, so drink plenty of water, about 1.5-2ltrs per day(pure coconut water is great if you like the taste and herbal drinks such as green tea are fantastic for your skin as they have loads of antioxidants)

• Cleansing and exfoliating – make sure you are keeping your skin well cleansed morning and night and exfoliate 2-3 times per week with a product suitable for your skin type. Aha and bha timers and serums are increasingly popular now over a traditional, physical scrub but make sure you use one suites to your skin and speak to your beauty therapist or retailer to get the best option. This will make sure your skin is turning over dead skin cells which will promote a healthy complexion and get rid of dullness. Exfoliating really helps get rid of oil build up on an oily skin and remove dead surface skin and flakes on dryer skin. Again, please remember to use a product appropriate for your skin type.

• Serums – serums are concentrated boosts of amazing skin care ingredients designed to deeply penetrate the skins surface and give your skin great benefits. There are so many to choose from whether you want to tighten pores, balance oil or deeply moisturiser, my favourite all-rounders are ESTEE LAUDERS ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR, Kiehls midnight recovery complex, Buffet by the ordinary and Trilogy Rose Hip Oil. I swear by these, they are fantastic. Give your skin a couple of weeks to get used to any new products and you will really notice the difference in the texture, condition and overall appearance of your skin.

• Moisturise – I can`t stress this point enough! A good moisturiser can be your best friend as it is so important for locking in hydration after cleansing the skin morning and evening.

• Face masks – It is recommended to apply a face mask once a week to give your skin a treat and add extra care to your everyday routine. Be careful not to use anything unfamiliar to your skin if you plan to apply one the night before the wedding as you may have a reaction or a breakout so ideally do it a week or so before. I’m trying out a couple of new sheet masks from Seoul Sistas which I’ve heard are fabulous and if I’m a fan, I’ll write them up… I’ve heard great things about this brand of sheets masks.

• Bright eyes – everyone wants bright shining peepers but most of us are puffy or dehydrated around the delicate eye area so it’s a good idea to make sure you keep the area well moisturised and if very puffy, try an eye gel appropriate to your concern. If you massage around the eye lightly in circular movements gradually motioning away from the eye, it will help drain excess fluid. If you are prone to blood shot eyes, there are special drops that temporarily relieve them.

• Luscious lips – to prevent and sort out chapped/dry/flaky lips always use a lip balm, you can also buy lip exfoliator (lush have a great one) but if you just mix a bit of sugar with lip balm and rub along with your finger or cotton bud, the dead skin will come away just the same. I love Elizabeth Arden 8hr cream, Nivea and palmers cocoa butter lip range. They all work really well at keeping your lips in good condition  

• Facials – if you are planning to have a facial which will really give your skin a deep clean and rid black/white heads and really give your skin a lot of care and benefit then I would also advise to have it a week or two before the wedding as breakouts are common after a facial as the skin will be renewing itself (this is a normal occurrence)

• Waxing/plucking/threading – if you are having any of these treatments to your eyebrows or upper lip, you should try have it done 3-4 days before the wedding (especially if you get a lot of redness) redness can take a while to go down and even if you do not get red, these treatments can leave the surface of the skin stripped which can result in makeup sliding off the area or not sitting or absorbing properly.

• Tinting- if you are having your lashes or brows tinted, make sure you have a patch test, the last thing you want is swollen eyes!

• Prickly heat – in hotter climates, this is common among fair/sensitive/sun and heat intolerant skin so I recommend having some non-drowsy antihistamines on hand just in case. Only use these if they have been recommended.

• Sleep – do your best to get enough rest before the event, your skin will thank you for it.

• Stress- stress can have a huge effect on the health of your skin so do your best to stay relaxed, It`s your big day you have been planning for ages so enjoy every bit!
Eating foods rich in healthy fats, omega 3 and 6 will be great for your skin, things like:  avocado, eggs, fish, lots of fruit and veg. Getting lots fresh air will also help.
your Makeup Artist, should be fully equipped to handle any skin concerns you may have on the day so please do not worry. This information is a general guide I have put together based on experience and common concerns from my clients, I hope you find it helpful. Please don’t think you have to go out and spend a fortune on new skin care.
I understand that some people have problematic skin and may suffer from acne or extreme dryness etc. so it can be worth seeing a beauty a few therapist or dermatologist before your wedding to come up with a skin care plan tailored to your needs.
Kim x  

Kim Kiernan

Makeup Artist & Beauty Columnist

Kim provides professional makeup services in Malta for any occasion, working in all areas of makeup including Bridal, photographic, television, film and special effects as well as teaching makeup lessons one to one and to groups. With over 10 years experience, Kim has worked with the biggest and most sought after brands in the industry, internationally with MAC, Smashbox and Estee Lauder in Dublin and Toronto and most recently, heading the MAC Cosmetics brand in it's launch in Malta.

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