We’ve Launched! 5 Reasons Why Every Woman Deserves A Layer of Luxury 

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman” a wise woman once said. That woman was Coco Chanel.

After months of preparation, we are delighted to announce the launch of Layer of Luxury. The label fits in with our very ethos – clothes that make the wearer look and feel impeccable.

The collection, which is manufactured locally in Malta, was born out of the desire to get the very best out of your overgarments. The simple slip, be it a slip dress or a skirt slip, is a wardrobe staple from times gone by.

Why should impeccable day-to-day dressing become a thing of the past? During this unprecedented point in world history, we’ve learned to cherish every occasion. Once we emerge back into the real world, every day should be a feel-good day, whether it’s a coffee date or a dinner party. From the boardroom to the brunch table, we’ll never miss the opportunity to get dressed up again!

Layer of Luxury was born out of the gap in the market for online and accessible, modern-day undergarments for wardrobe problem-solving. From flirty French knickers to trusty trouserslips for concealing, every woman deserves a Layer of Luxury. Here are just a handful of reasons why!

It sets you up for a great day

Your undergarments may be hidden, but it’s no secret that wearing a luxurious layer underneath is a bona fide way to put a spring in your step! It feels infinitely more empowering knowing you’ve something glamorous underneath your work attire. A Layer of Luxury, above all, is there for confidence.

No transparency through your clothes

It’s that time of year again when the Capri pants and maxi dresses make an appearance! Wearing white trousers or floaty dresses come with their hang-ups, and we don’t just mean grass stains… with a Layer of Luxury, you’re covered- quite literally. This means no worrying about VPL, no lumps and bumps and no cling. Rejoice!

Those glorious vintage vibes

Here at Indulge, we’re forever inspired by the decadence of vintage fashion. We’ve a case of Regency-era Bridgerton fever, and no decade does boudoir chic quite like the 1920s, where flapper girls in silky slips ruled supreme. For bedtime, there’s nothing like a camisole and French knickers. And a skirt slip under a pencil skirt just oozes sexy retro chic.

Occasion season is on its way!

It feels like yonks ago that we’ve had the pleasure of making a toast to the happy couple at a wedding! We all love a wedding, or the joy of a family Christening, but by gosh can it be stressful picking out a dress that flatters, skims and fits just right… For these circumstances, my dears, you need a slip dress. Layer of Luxury is here to solve those pesky wardrobe malfunctions.

Comfort meets glamour

Did we mention the unparalleled feeling of silk and satin on the skin? There really is nothing like it. Lockdown has let even the best of us slip (excuse the pun!) when it comes to dressing well, and nothing screams “I’m worth it” than looking your best, even if just for yourself! In fact, especially for yourself.



Our e-shop is now open! Layer of Luxury’s collection is available from www.layerofluxury.com.

Find us on Instagram @layerofluxury!

Nicole Parnis

Nicole is a culture writer and lifestyle journalist with a passion for fashion, food, music and anything retro. She indulges by thrifting her Sundays away at flea markets, followed by a cappuccino or two in a pretty village square.

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