When loving the wrong person is right

A toxic relationship is something we all try to avoid. What we don’t see: the good a wrong person can do, along with all the things you learn to appreciate because you are put in these circumstances.
Some of us repeat the wrong person scenario because we get hooked on the incredible highs and the devastating lows, and we never reach the step to desire anything else. This is all fine, of course.

I know I’m good at learning my different lessons. I never repeat the same mistake( don’t focus on the meaning of the words, but rather on the essence) yet I manage to concoct new ones altogether.

This is a post of gratitude for the wrong in our lives,  because it makes us set things right. For me, it’s a very explicit and self-explanatory experience, my past is clear in leading me to the woman I am today, a woman I am very grateful for.

I am also grateful for the circumstances I was able to create after learning the lessons my past has faced me with. I know a couple of things for sure and they are guidelines in my life: love people, take nothing personal and accept the unexpected.

Thing is, in love, whomever you love, is always right. It may not be RIGHT HOW YOU want/expect it, but be very sure it is exactly the experience you need to better your life. And don’t forget to be appreciative. Love, in all its forms, is something amazing. Even that toxic boyfriend of yours…still melts your heart with a simple ” I miss you”.

In the long run, it’s always right. Still, never forget the person it’s always right to love: yourself.

Once you let go of the expectation of someone turning your life around, making it better or completing it, you will have the time of your life. I promise. Tested, approved and certified.


Much love all.

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