Visit Xerri’s Grotto on Gozo

One of the most beautiful things on Gozo is the Xerri’s Grotto, a stalactite cave hidden in the basement of a usual house in a usual street and that makes the place so unique. It was discovered in between 1923 and 1924.

A stalactite cave is formed over hunderts and thousands of years, when water flows from the ground through rocks, down a cave and then solidifies.

You are welcomed by one of the lovely owners of the house, who will lead you to the cave. The first thing you notice is how deep the grotto actually is while you are going down a 10 meters spiral staircase. The owner starts to describe everything in detail including the interesting story of how they actually discovered the grotto.

The grotto was discovered by her grandfather who was planning to build a water supply for the house. While digging down, he discovered the first parts of the stalactite cave. He decided to keep the grotto and start digging for water on another spot. Shortly after, the family decided to open the cave to the public.

The whole tour is privately guided for a fee of 2,50 Euro before entering the cave

You can find the Xerri’s Grotto on Gozo, Reet, Xagħra XRA1621.


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