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Delicata Winery invites you to its exhibition in Valetta Food Market where you can admire several barrels painted by Maltese artists. The goal : promote Maltese Art in all its forms, by wine or by painting.

Delicata Winery’s story begins more than 100 years ago, when Eduardo Delicata decided to live from his passion : wine. The company has thereupon remained in the genius hands of the Delicata family who nowadays still runs what Malta can call its most successful winery. The experience of  the Delicata family gives us fresh and fruity wine, whose taste is exacerbated by its refinement.

The new thing that Delicata has decided to take up, is to create an exhibition in collaboration with Valletta Food Market ate the Suq Tal Belt, right in the heart of Malta’s fabulous capital city. 10 artists, 10 barrels. Artists were inspired by the exhibition’s theme : « the joys of wine, art and good living in Malta today and through the ages ». We can find barrels instilled with art encapsulating mythology, goddesses and grapes, or some with the streets of Valletta and its population savouring their glass of wine carried by Malta’s sunshine.

The exhibition’s inauguration was on March 12th where we joined the privileged to enjoy a fantastic glass of Delicata’s Grand Cru while contemplating the creative barrels. The art works were represented by: Claire Attard VellaJoseph BarbaraCarmel BonelloDonald CamilleriFrancis GaleaPriscilla GattSara PaceZack RitchieCaroline Said Lawrence and David Xuereb. You can take a look at their barrel by clicking on their name and some are also listed in our Artists Directory.

You can visit, view and vote for your favorite work of art on

Voting closes on April 21.

The exhibition opens to the public on 13 March and runs until 24 April 2019 at Is-Suq tal-Belt | Valletta Food Market, from 8 am till late.


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