You know he’s a keeper when…

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…he pushes out the chair for you by kicking it with his leg, as he’s already sitting down.

…more than 25% of his sentences start with ” my mom told me”.

…he brings a friend to chaperone the evening.

…he hits on the waitress as he’s getting dessert.

… on your third date he tells you he’s falling for you.

…he playfully suggests a threesome with your hot friends but is jealous of any living male you’re around.

…his wife greets you just as you’re ending the date.

…he feels insulted that you’re not impressed with the hint he’s dropping about his manhood.

…he breaks the ice with your mother at the first family dinner together by hinting what a capable lover he is.

…he explains that he doesn’t need to tell you he cares about you, that should be clear from the number of times he grabs your ass per evening.

…after unsuccessfully hitting on you all evening, he decides to try out with your friend.

…he sends you roses to say he’s sorry, when you had no idea what he did to begin with.

… he decides to hit on you only when you tell him you’re seeing someone else.

… he suggests he should get your name tattooed on his arm.

…his idea of romance is putting a smiley at the end of his texts.

… before your date, he calls you 5 times to make sure you’re still coming.

…he casually invites himself at your place, “after he gets over his hangover”.

…you find him standing in front of your door, just as you’re trying to leave your apartment.

…he starts messaging your best friend, to ask him what’s the best way to sleep with you.

…he makes you speak to his mother on your very first date.

…after you turn him down for a date he starts listing everything he owns, then asks you out again.

…among the top three qualities he looks for in a woman is ” must like spooning”.

…he hits on you while he’s on a date with your girlfriend.

…his most romantic compliment includes comparison to a sports car.

…he tells you he loves you but he’s not in love with you. But still wants to have sex with you.

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